Aotearoa; Journeys into the Long White Cloud

New Zealand; a fragment of the paleo-supercontinent Gondwanaland set adrift in the South Pacific. This Terra firma on the climatic and tectonic crossroads displays a dynamic and constantly evolving landscape. Darren’s latest illustrated talk takes us on a walk through the unique geography and culture that defines this small but proud archipelago on the edge of the world.

The talk follows the journey of New Zealand from it’s tectonic roots, through volcanism, glaciation and the development of it’s unique flora and fauna. The 800 year human occupation of the archipelago has created dramatic results that require complex responses in order to achieve a sustainable future.

This is a four part talk and the accompanying articles can be found in the blog section…

  1. There and Back again…*
  2. Dynamic Earth; a land forged from fire and ice
  3. Predator Free; the battle for New Zealand’s native Forest and Bird
  4. Utopia Islands? Reflections on the Long White Cloud

*Hobbit’s Tale, by Bilbo Baggins

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